Dr. Sebastian Knorr

Position: Senior Research Scientist
Location: Stack B, Custom House Quay
Email: knorrs(at)scss.tcd.ie
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Skype: sknorri
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Research Topics


Dr. Sebastian Knorr is senior research scientist at the Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, and working on research activities in virtual reality and light field technologies within the V-Sense project. Before he joint the V-Sense group, he was the CEO of imcube labs GmbH, Germany and Beijing imcube Technologies Co., Ltd., China, and the COO/ CTO of imcube Technologies Limited, Hong Kong.
Besides the management of the companies, Sebastian also worked on 3D TV and giant screen projects from BBC and BSkyB as Post-Conversion Stereographer and Stereo 3D Producer. His interests as scientists are in the field of computer vision, video analysis, 3D image processing and immersive media, in particular virtual reality applications.
Between 2002 and 2009, Sebastian acted as project manager and senior researcher in the Communication Systems Lab at Technische Universität Berlin, Germany and received his Dr.-Ing. degree (Ph.D.) with highest honors in 2008.
Sebastian has been actively involved in and secured funding for several European projects including VISNET, 3DTV, EXIST, 3FLEX, AutoPost and 3DQC. He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the German Society of Television- and Cinema Technology (FKTG e.V.). In 2014, he was the General Chair and Technical Program Chair of the 3Tec – 3D Quality and Technology Summit in Beijing.
Sebastian received the German Multimedia Business Award of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in 2008, and was awarded by the initiative “Germany – Land of Ideas” which is sponsored by the German government, commerce and industry in 2009, respectively. In 2012, he received the Scott Helt Memorial Award for the best paper published in the IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting in 2011.

Research Topics

My research interests are in computer vision and immersive media technologies, in particular 360-video (“cinematic VR”), virtual-/mixed-/augmented reality, 3D image processing and reconstruction, 2D-to-3D conversion, depth-image-based rendering, visual attention/ saliency estimation, light field imaging and visual effects.

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Virtual Play, after Samuel Beckett

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Patents and Utility Models


  • Method for processing a video data set (US8,577,202B2/ DE10,2007,021,518)
  • Method, apparatus and computer program usable in synthesizing a stereoscopic image (EP000002747427)


  • Method, apparatus and computer program usable in synthesizing a stereoscopic image (CN000104813658A)
  • Apparatus and method for compositing an image from a number of visual objects (PCT/EP2012/002533)
  • Method, apparatus and computer program for generating a multiview image-plus-depth format (EP000002775723A1)

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