Simone Croci

Position: Phd Student
Location: Stack B, Custom House Quay
Email: crocis(at)



Research Topics


I obtained a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. After my Masters I acquired work experience primarily in the field of research and development at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich and at the Disney Research Zurich lab. At the moment I am a Phd student at Trinity College Dublin working for the V-Sense project.

Research Topics

My main research topic is quality assessment for stereoscopic 360-video.

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A Framework for Quality Control in Cinematic VR Based on Voronoi Patches and Saliency

Abstract: In this paper, we present a novel framework for quality control in cinematic VR (360-video) based on Voronoi patches ...
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Virtual Play, after Samuel Beckett

Virtual Play is a reinterpretation of Samuel Beckett’s ground-breaking 1963 text, Play, with a view to engaging a 21st Century viewership that is ...
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Video Coding and Streaming for Virtual Reality

With technical advances in virtual reality (VR) devices, the media technology field is evolving toward providing immersive VR video experiences ...
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ODIs Saliency Maps: Testbed and Dataset

Introduction: In V-Sense we are studying saliency for omnidirectional images (ODIs) in VR application. We have conducted subjective experiments to ...
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Overview: 360-degree video, also called live-action virtual reality (VR), is one of the latest and most powerful trends in immersive ...
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Demo: Visual Attention for Omnidirectional Images in VR Applications

Overview: Understanding visual attention has always been a topic of great interest in different research communities. This is particularly important ...
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  • Methods for Creating and Distributing Art-Directable Continious Dynamic Range Video (US 20160353164 A1, 2015)
  • Temporally Coherent Local Tone Mapping of High Dynamic Range Video (US 9378543 B2, 2014)
  • Method and System for Rendering Virtual Views (US 9530240 B2, 2013)

Conference and Journal Papers

  • Sebastian Knorr, Simone Croci, Aljosa Smolic
    A Modular Scheme for Artifact Detection in Stereoscopic Omni-Directional Images
    In proceedings of the Irish Machine Vision and Image Processing Conference, Aug. 30 – Sep. 1, 2017.
  • Simone Croci, Tunç O. Aydin, Nikolce Stefanoski, Markus Gross, Aljosa Smolic
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  • Simone Croci, Nikolce Stefanoski, Aljosa Smolic
    Robust Calibration of Broadcast Cameras Based on Ellipse and Line Contours
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  • Tunç O. Aydin, Nikolce Stefanoski, Simone Croci, Markus Gross, Aljosa Smolic
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  • Simone Croci, Aljosa Smolic, Oliver Wang
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  • Remo Ziegler, Simone Croci, Markus Gross
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  • Simone Croci
    Holography-Pipeline: Reflectance and Occlusion in Wave Based Scene Evaluation
    Master Thesis, 2006.