Jonathan Swift in VR/AR- Long Room Project

20th June 2018
Jonathan Swift in VR/AR- Long Room Project

The Long Room holds a very special place in the hearts of students, staff, alumni of Trinity College Dublin, and the wider Dublin community. There is no substitute for the genuine experience of being immersed in the great space within the Long Room. However, we were inspired to create an anecdotal visitor narrative and concept that would augment the visitor experience. The user is guided through the Long Room by a friendly vologram, a volumetric 3D video representation of the great Jonathan Swift. The innovative Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) prototypes that we created are based on volumetric video technology. They enable an interactive narrative whereby a visitor can engage in either an AR or VR tour of the Long Room by interacting with these digital media prototypes. The project highlights the following distinctive features:

  • the content: Books, rare artefacts, sculptures, etc.;
  • the environment: the building itself (a UNESCO world heritage site), which is a most breath-taking feature;
  • the heritage: the history, the historical significance, and Swift’s legacy at Trinity College;
  • and the technology: the project is synergetic, in the sense the we develop the technology around engaging content.

The interactive Virtual Reality (VR) prototype visualized The Long Room content and history where a user would be immersed in a world through VR simulation. The user could be located anywhere in the world, and by putting on the Head Mounted Display (HMD), they can enter the magical virtual simulation of the Long Room. The user can explore this on PC (browser), iPad, iPhone or Android Phone/Tablet.

The Augmented Reality (AR) version takes place within the physical library space (the Long Room) via the use of a HoloLens or a handheld mobile device (like and iPhone or iPad). It was developed in the second phase and only uses dynamic content; that is, there is no need to ‘virtually’ reconstruct the internal spaces of the Long Room because the user is already physically present in the space.

This project is an example of our creative experiments, which showcase our original technologies in real creative productions. In this case we demonstrate our novel tools and pipeline for AR/VR content creation.



O’Dwyer, Néill; Ondřej, Jan; Pagés, Rafael; Amplianitis, Konstantinos; Smolić, Aljoša

Jonathan Swift: Augmented Reality Application for Trinity Library ’s Long Room Conference

International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling (ICIDS 2018) 2018.

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