Launch of Samuel Beckett in Augmented Reality!

6th September 2019
Launch of Samuel Beckett in Augmented Reality!

Thank you for everyone for joining our successful and exciting launch of Volograms, V-SENSE Trinity College Dublin & The Department of Drama, Trinity College Dublin’s production of the AR drama, ‘Augmented Play’, a reimagined version of Beckett’s ground-breaking ‘Play’!

You may view the event here on our YouTube channel.
Further information on the event can be inspected here ! 

Listen to Professor Smolic discuss Samuel Beckett in Augmented Reality for the first time with RTE Lyric FM Culture File here!

(photo l-r) Patrick Geoghegan, Neill O’Dwyer, Rafael Pagés, Aljosa Smolic, Nicholas Johnson, Konstantinos Amplianitis, Jan Ondrej

Photo credit: Chris Bellew /Fennell Photography

Thank you for Urban Brewing for providing the atmospheric environment for this great event!