New V-SENSE Research Fellow Weston Aenchbacher! Welcome!

26th November 2018
New V-SENSE Research Fellow Weston Aenchbacher! Welcome!

You are invited to attend a presentation by our new V-SENSE Research Fellow, Weston Aenchbacher, titled Metric Depth Maps through Characterization of the Object-Side Light Field!

Time: 4pm

Date: Wednesday, 12th December

Venue: O’Reilly Institute, Large Conference Room (ORI LCR)

Please see title and abstract below:

Metric Depth Maps through Characterization of the Object-Side Light Field.


A common application for light field data is the creation of depth maps that describe how close imaged objects are to the imaging system. The individual values reported in these depth maps tend to be disparity, the pixel difference in the location of an object feature across multiple images. As such, depth maps are populated with unitless quantities that describe only the relative distance to objects. If physical parameters, such as separation between reference planes and reference plane sampling frequencies, are known, it is possible to determine the absolute, or metric, distance to objects geometrically, from disparity. Most light field data sets provide these parameters, but these are only for simulated scenes. With a plenoptic camera, it is difficult to determine the physical parameters defining the light field in the space between the imaging lens and the sensor, the space where light field operations are commonly assumed to be carried out. In the work described, measurements are taken to define the light field in the accessible space, outside of the camera, before it would be transformed by the camera’s optical system. Upon characterizing this “object-side light field,” it is possible to create metric depth maps directly from disparity maps for real scenes. It is demonstrated that all common light field operations can be performed with an object-side light field and that it can be used to estimate distances to within 1mm for nearby objects. Other projects in computational imaging will also be discussed briefly.

Contact details:
Weston is located on Level 2, Stack B, and you may email him at weston.aenchbacher AT
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Welcome Weston!