SIGNAL: Reality. V-SENSE at the Science Gallery!

16th November 2018
SIGNAL: Reality. V-SENSE at the Science Gallery!

SIGNAL: Reality 28.11.18.
18:00 – 19:30 Science Gallery.


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SIGNAL is a new dedicated series of discussions and interactive demonstrations focused on cutting-edge technology, creativity and music, featuring artists, educators and creative thinkers. The series is a collaboration between Science Gallery Dublin and Martin Clancy, a music researcher at the Trinity College Dublin’s Long Room Hub. Martin is a certified Ableton Live trainer with over thirty years’ professional experience as both a music producer and an industry professional.

Join SIGNAL host Martin Clancy with our V-SENSE Team, Professor Aljosa Smolic and expert panel members including Evangelia Rigaki, Enda Bates, Lubna Gem Arielle, Nicholas Johnson and Néill O’Dwyer to review the future of immersive music in AR and VR.

This event will briefly outline technology for 6DoF VR/AR content creation, recently developed in V-SENSE of Trinity College Dublin, as well as related creative experiments in the use of audio in immersive AR/VR experiences.