Social distancing phenomenon recreated by crowd simulation system!

27th May 2020
Social distancing phenomenon recreated by crowd simulation system!

A scene which demonstrates the recent social distancing phenomenon has been implemented using the crowd simulation system developed by our colleagues here at our V-SENSE Research Group, Trinity College Dublin. This work is undertaken as part of an EU H2020 creative technologies project called SAUCE ‘Smart Assets for re-Use in Creative Environments’.

Stationary crowd members loiter in groups, representing irresponsible citizens violating COVID restrictions. Autonomous agents in the scene use AI to plan a path to their destinations, dynamically avoiding the groups of loiterers with a configurable “social distance” parameter. A first-person walk-through of how a student can safely negotiate the crowd to reach the library is shown. The simulation promotes awareness of safety measures for COVID-19 spread while demonstating some key technologies used. Please view the scene here:


SAUCE is a three-year EU Research and Innovation project between 9 companies and research institutions to create a step-change in allowing creative industry companies to re-use existing digital assets for future productions.

The goal of SAUCE is to produce, pilot and demonstrate a set of professional tools and techniques that reduce the costs for the production of enhanced digital content for the creative industries by increasing the potential for re-purposing and re-use of content as well as providing significantly improved technologies for digital content production and management.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 780470.

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