Trinity Provost Patrick Prendergast

22nd October 2018
Trinity Provost Patrick Prendergast

Vologram of Provost Prendergast introduces The Trinity Business and Technology Forum 2018.

On Wednesday, 12th September 2018, Provost Patrick Prendergast launched The Trinity Business and Technology Forum 2018 taking the very special guise and form of a vologram. This welcome in augmented reality provided the perfect introduction to the panel discussions on Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work.


The vologram was expertly crafted by our colleagues at Volograms. Volograms create the innovative experience by using a set of videos taken from different angles and turning them into volumetric holograms. A vologram can be viewed from any viewpoint, which can offer many creative and innovative opportunities. To create this vologram, they captured Provost Prendergast in a green-screen studio and reconstructed a volumetric video sequence. The vologram is rendered on the Microsoft Hololens and streamed live to a PC, connected to the main projector, therefore there is no need for complex mirror systems.




The Trinity Business and Technology Forum 2018 took place in Tercentenary Hall in the Biomedical Sciences Institute, Trinity College Dublin. The theme of the event was “Work 4.0 – Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work”. The Trinity Business and Technology Forum is an annual one-day event which brings the university’s business and scientific community – industry partners, alumni, faculty and students – together to review the latest in technology trends, to discuss how to tackle the related issues facing business and explore opportunities for future business. The forum agenda included a keynote address from Lord Mark Price, former UK Minister of Trade and Deputy Chairman of John Lewis Trust. The forum also saw Professor Andrew Burke, Dean of Trinity Business School, and Trinity Research Director, Leonard Hobbs offer addresses.



We wish to extend our gratitude to all of the team at Volograms for their tremendous hard work and dedication to this project.



Principal Investigator: Aljosa Smolic

Production: Volograms