V-SENSE talk: Dr. Ronny Hänsch, Post-Doctoral researcher, TU Berlin

29th June 2017

Speaker: Dr. Ronny Hänsch, Post-Doctoral researcher, TU Berlin

Venue: Maxwell Theatre in the Hamilton Building

Date & Time: Thursday 1st June at 11am

Title: From 2D to 3D – and back

Abstract: The work of the Computer Vision and Remote Sensing Department of the Technical University Berlin spans a wide range of research areas including traditional and more exotic methods of 3D reconstruction (i.e. TomoSAR – the estimation of 3D information from radar images), single image depth estimation, the usage of prior knowledge for shape completion and correction, shape abstraction, as well as object detection in 3D data.

After a short overview about recent works of the department, a small selection of methods is discussed in detail. The first part introduces a multi-view stereo approach with slightly changed data acquisition and pre-processing which leads to astonishing results over weakly textured areas. The second part addresses two examples to further process point cloud data: Near-real time object detection and shape abstraction. The last part of the talk covers an approach to evaluate structure from motion and multi-view stereo methods by synthetic images that – besides being photo-realistic – contain many image characteristics of real cameras.


Speaker Bio: Ronny Hänsch received the Diploma degree in computer science and the Ph.D. degree from the Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany, in 2007 and 2014 respectively. His research interests include computer vision, machine learning, object detection, neural networks, and Random Forests. He worked in the field of object detection and classification from remote sensing images, with a focus on polarimetric synthetic aperture radar images. His recent research interests focus on the development of probabilistic methods for 3D reconstruction by structure from motion as well as ensemble methods for image analysis.