Welcome to our new team members Archana Swaminathan and Richard Blythman!

8th May 2020
Welcome to our new team members Archana Swaminathan and Richard Blythman!

Archana Swaminathan

Research Intern

Archana is currently finishing up her fourth year of undergraduate studies at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani Hyderabad Campus, an Indian University. She is pursuing a double major in Mathematics and Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. She is keenly interested in research in Image and Signal Processing and Computer Vision. She worked at NTCL- Mumbai in the finance division during the summer after her second year, working with time-series forecasting and prediction using LSTM-based recurrent neural networks. It was at this point that she decided to learn about Machine Learning, liking it a lot and then deciding to pursue it further. She undertook three formal projects at her time in university: the first was using a neural network to do image encryption and decryption, the second was to do structural damage assessment using CNNs, and the third was to do compressive sensing and denoising of images with Fourier transform-based techniques. She also did a summer internship with Robert Bosch R&D after her third year, where she worked with developing few-shot computer vision algorithms to do real-time product recognition. She aspires to study further and build a career in research. Her hobbies include singing, reading books and playing badminton. She speaks English, Hindi, Tamil and Kannada fluently. Archana will complete her V-SENSE internship on 31st March 2021. You may contact her at swaminathan.archana11@gmail.com.

Richard Blythman

Research Fellow

Richard is an imaging specialist with a background in mechanical engineering. His doctoral research focused on velocimetric and thermographic imaging of heat and fluid flow, as well as analytical and numerical modelling. Towards the end of his PhD, he became interested in deep learning and worked on a number of projects as a freelancer. After a brief hiatus (15 months backpacking in Asia), he moved to Galway for a machine learning R&D job with FotoNation, Xperi where he worked on video super-resolution, sensor fusion and image reconstruction for event cameras. We are delighted Richard is joining V-SENSE to continue research on a project involving 3D human pose and shape estimation to improve training/rehab and identify injuries of athletes using video. You may contact Richard at blythmar@tcd.ie.

Welcome Archana and Richard!