Forbes article ‘Why First Virtual Reality Art Prize Is Perfect For 2020’!

14th April 2021

We are delighted that our creative project titled ‘Image Technology Echoes’ created in collaboration with the amazing artist Lauren Moffatt, our colleagues Matthew Moynihan and Volograms, received a mention in the acclaimed Forbes article titled ‘Why First Virtual Reality Art Prize Is Perfect For 2020’!

You can read the full Forbes article here

‘Image Technology Echoes’ is a finalist for The VR ART PRIZE and as of 16 April 2021 the works of the winning artists will be shown at the exhibition ‘Resonant Realities’ at Haus am Lützowplatz (HaL) Berlin. 3 VR ART PRIZES will be granted, with a total endowment of EUR 12,000. The VR ART PRIZE by Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB), in cooperation with the Contemporary Arts Alliance (CAA) Berlin, is the first art prize for virtual reality in the field of visual arts with an institutional exhibition in Germany. The prize explores the artistic potential of new technologies impact on individuals and society. The prize aims to contribute to the structural establishment of this emerging medium in art. Image Technology Echoes is one of five nominees for this prestigious prize. The following works have also been nominated for the VR ART PRIZE by DKB in Cooperation with CAA:

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