A New Method for Compression of Free Viewpoint Videos

18th October 2018

Proposed by Iman Zolanvari
Email: Iman dot zolanvari at scss.tcd.ie

Free Viewpoint Videos (FVV) are relatively new technology and a few research have been performed on compression of its files. The raw high-resolution data now usually store as separate frames and that occupies substantial physical space. Also, this large data set caused additional issues for storing and processing the FVVs. In this project, we are looking to process the whole frames and store them as a one single ASCII/binary file. For that purpose, the region of interest should be defined first (as an aligned bounding box) and the exact space that the dynamic object is located should be stored. In this project, we provide 3D models as well as professional guidance to perform the pipeline. The task required an understanding of spatial geometry, processing 3D objects and advance coding skills (e.g. Python). Dr Cagri Ozcinar would also supervise this project.