Bringing Life to the Book of Kells Busts

18th October 2018

Proposed by Iman Zolanvari
Email: Iman dot zolanvari at

Book of Kells library has busts of many great philosophers and writers of the western world. The research aims to develop an AR app to visualise a 3D model of an original character and project it onto the bust. Then, people can see the colourful texture of the bust along with some general information of the bust (e.g. from their Wikipedia page) on their smartphone’s screen.
The task requires knowledge of 3D mesh reconstruction, Unity and app development. Dr Rogerio da Silva would also supervise this project.

Socrates Bust at Book of Kells – Courtesy of Allan Henderson

An Example of Socrates Bust 3D Model – Courtesy of Art Maxwell

An Example of Textured 3D model of Socrates Bust – Courtesy of Robert Kubus