Developing AR navigation app for TCD

18th October 2018

Proposed by Iman Zolanvari
Email: Iman dot zolanvari at

Trinity College Dublin (TCD) is one of the most tourist attraction spots at the heart of Dublin city centre. Combining the state of the art AR technology with the beauty of the historical place offers an additional appealing reason to visit TCD.
The project aims to develop an AR app that identifies one of the most iconic places of TCD campus (e.g. Book of Kells). Then, the navigator would provide visual feedback (e.g. 3D augmented arrows) from the current location of a user to the target.
The task involves ARkit, Google Street App, Open Street Map and requires general knowledge of App development. The below footage is an example of using AR technology for navigation. Dr Rogerio da Silva would also supervise this project.