Image Decomposition using Geometric Region Colour Unmixing

7th December 2020
Image Decomposition using Geometric Region Colour Unmixing


In this paper, we propose a new geometric approach for image decomposition which aims to combine the advantages of two state of the art techniques. Given an input image, we first compute a palette of colours from the image and use it to split the RGB space into a number of different regions. Depending on which region a given pixel lies in, different geometric methods are used to unmix the pixel’s colour into a number of colours, where each colour is associated with a different layer. The layers created are smooth and homogeneous in colour, and have no reconstruction error when recombined. Our layer decomposition technique is fast to compute and the layers created can be used successfully in several applications , including layer compositing and recolouring.


Our code is coming soon!


Image Decomposition using Geometric Region Colour Unmixing


Mairéad Grogan, Aljosa Smolic.


This publication emanated from research conducted with the financial support of Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) under Grant Number 15/RP/2776.

We would also like to thank Professor Yagiz Aksoy for his helpful comments and feedback during the writing of this paper.

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