Interactive Gaming Gesture on AR Environment

18th October 2018

Proposed by Iman Zolanvari
Email: Iman dot zolanvari at

Realistic AR games have become recently a popular research topic and well developed. However, there is a large place for improvement of user interaction with the static scene and dynamic articles. The aim of this particular project is to develop an interactive AR app that can interact with users. For that purpose, we provide with the TCD main campus 3D model as a static background in miniature-scale and a crowd simulation of moving characters as dynamic articles that are moving through the static model. The task would be first employing both static and dynamic model into an AR app (e.g. with ARCore). Then, defining two hand gesture that allows the user to interact with those moving characters (e.g. block their roads as an obstacle). This project will be also supervised by Tejo Chalasani and Rogerio Eduardo da Silva.