Light Field Saliency Estimation

13th April 2021

Light fields have become a major research topic in recent years. Even though there are now efforts in different applications such as compression, display, and post-processing, the human visual perception for light fields is rarely studied. In this project, we study automatic visual attention estimation for light fields. This page is dedicated to our QoMEX 2021 submission below and will be populated shortly after publication.

  • A. Gill, E. Zerman, M. Alain, M. Le Pendu, A. Smolic. “Focus Guided Light Field Saliency Estimation” Thirteenth International Conference on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX). IEEE, 2021.


This publication has emanated from research conducted with the financial support of Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) under the Grant Number 15/RP/2776.


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