Creation of light field panoramas with a Lytro Illum camera and Syrp Genie Mini

18th October 2018

Proposed by: Martin Alain – alainm at
Mikael Le Pendu – lependum at

The goal of this project is to explore novel light field capture techniques, mainly panoramas, using the Lytro Illum camera and the Syrp Genie Mini rotating platform.

Light fields capture all light rays passing through a given volume of space. Compared to traditional 2D imaging systems which capture the spatial intensity of the light rays, the 4D light fields also contain the angular direction of light rays. This additional information allows for multiple applications such as the reconstruction of the 3D geometry of a scene, creating new images from virtual point of view, or changing the focus of an image after it is captured. Light fields are also a growing topic of interest in the VR/AR community.

This project aims to capture 360 panorama light fields, similar to the work of [1,2,3] (see the links below for video examples), by mounting a Lytro Illum camera on a rotating platform, and stitching together the multiple light fields obtained. The main focus of this work will be about the panorama capture, and extra care is expected in choosing/designing the scenes to be captured, both from a scientific and artistic point of view. The light fields obtained could then be used to implement simple panorama stitching algorithms such as in [3]. This work could then be extended to novel applications, including depth estimation, and light field rendering. Rendering of 360 light fields in HMD is of particular interest.

[1] Birklbauer, C. and Bimber, O., Panorama Light-Field Imaging, ACM Siggraph, 2012
[2] Birklbauer, C. and Bimber, O., Panorama Light-Field Imaging, In proceedings of Eurographics (Computer Graphics Forum), 33(2), 43-52, 2014
[3] André Oliveira; Catarina Brites; João Ascenso and Fernando Pereira, Light Field Panorama Creation: a Sub-Aperture Image Stitching Approach, EUSIPCO 2018

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