V-SENSE is a team of 20+ researchers (half postdocs half PhDs) in Visual Computing at the intersection of Computer Vision, Computer Graphics and Media Signal Processing. We are building a dynamic environment where enthusiastic young scientists with different backgrounds get together to shape the future in fundamental as well as applied research projects. Directions include but are not limited to:

The research project “V-SENSE – Extending Visual Sensation through Image-Based Visual Computing” is funded by SFI over five years with a substantial budget to cover over 20 researchers. This is part of a strategic investment in Creative Technologies by SFI and Trinity College, which is defined as one of the strategic research themes of the College. V-Sense intends to become an incubator in this context, to stimulate further integration and growth and to impact Creative Industries in Ireland as a whole.

V-SENSE aims to establish Trinity College Dublin as a world leading centre of excellence in creative technologies, as part of an even bigger endeavour to establish Dublin and Ireland as a centre of creative industries in general, including technology and creative production.

Dr. Rafael Pages presents Closing the Content Gap for VR and AR at FMX 2018, Stuttgart

On the 27th April, Dr. Rafael Pages presented Closing the Content Gap for VR and AR at FMX 2018, Stuttgart. Although Virtual and Augmented Reality are already impacting global business, ...
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Seminar presentation by new V-SENSE Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dr. Aakanksha Rana

Presenter: Dr. Aakanksha Rana, V-SENSE Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Date & Time: 4pm, Wednesday, 9th May Venue: Large Conference Room, O'Reilly Institute (ORI LCR) Title: High Dynamic Range Image Analysis. Abstract: ...
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School Seminar Series presented by V-SENSE guest speaker Professor Giuseppe Valenzise!

Date: Monday, 14th May Time: 2pm Venue: Large Conference Room, O’ Reilly Institute (LCR ORI) Title: Blind Quality Estimation by Disentangling Perceptual and Noisy Features in High Dynamic Range Images ...
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Professor Smolic elected Fellow Trinity College Dublin

Congratulations to our team leader and PI, Professor Smolic, on his Professorial  Fellowship at Trinity College Dublin! We are very proud of Professor Smolic's election. Students and academics gathered in ...
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Seminar presentation by new V-SENSE member Dr. Rogerio da Silva!

Presenter: Dr. Rogerio da Silva, V-SENSE Postdoctoral Research Fellow Date & Time: 4pm, Thursday, 22nd March. Venue: Large Conference Room, O'Reilly Institute (ORI LCR) Title:  Creating Partly Autonomous Expressive Virtual Actors ...
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